Mathias Rohe on the muezzin call model project in the city of Cologne

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Bildquelle: ARD/NDR

In an article on, the founding rector of EZIRE, Prof. Mathias Rohe, comments on the recently launched two-year model project about the muezzin call in the city of Cologne. Thus, Muslim communities can perform the call to prayers upon request and under certain conditions on Fridays. The call to prayer may only be made from 12:00 to 15:00 and for a maximum of five minutes. Depending on the location of the mosque the volume is set at a maximum level.

Since the announcement, a heated, even polemical public debate has emerged about the muezzin call in Germany. Once again, buzzwords such as “political Islam” were introduced into the public discussion on this issue, but in the meantime, they had lost all contour and were even used in a denunciatory manner. Prof. Rohe analyzes the arguments that continue to be put forward against the model project and emphasizes in this context the freedom of religion enshrined in the Basic Law as well as the fundamental rights of minorities, about which there cannot be any majority decisions. In conclusion, Prof. Mathias Rohe pleads for “for peaceful coexistence in an atmosphere of mutual respect” and calls for resolute joint action to counter extremist positions.


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