In his two latest articles “Clan Crime: A Critical Perspective” and “The Nexus of Women and ‘Clan Crime’: Unraveling the Dynamics and Constraints,” FAU EZIRE researcher Mahmoud Jaraba critically examines ‘clan crime’ in Germany as well as the often neglected role of women in German “clan crime.”

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Shisha bars, gangsta rap and martial arts. FAU EZIRE member Dr. Hatem Elliesie and his team are researching certain milieus and scenes that are thought to be associated with extended Arab families. It is important to him and his team to examine the respective scenes on the ground, regardless of clichés and stereotypes. Such exciting research topics are one of the characteristics of the FAU research landscape. Hatem Elliesie's work is supported by FAUNext, where researchers at FAU receive targeted support on their career path.

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In 2019, the annual conference of the Society for Arab and Islamic Law on the topic of "Migration and Homeland Law: Challenges of Muslim Immigration to Germany" took place at the Georg-August University in Göttingen, including contributions by Hatem Elliesie and Mathias Rohe. Now, the lectures have been compiled in a collection, edited by Irene Schneider, Hatem Elliesie, and Silvia Tellenbach

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