Month: September 2016

Parallel justice, child marriage, terrorism and general doubts about Islam’s ability to accept the European principle of separation of religion and the state – these topics currently determine the discussions of the European public sphere.

According to the German Ministry of Interior, on July 31, 1475 underaged foreigners, and 1152 girls (76,27 %), were registered as married in the Ausländerzentralregister. The biggest group of them is from Syria (664). But many married children also come from Afghanistan (157), Iraq (100), Bulgaria (65), Poland (41), Rumania (33) and Greece (32).

In the latest issue of the journal „Akademie aktuell“, published by the Bavarian academy of Sciences and Humanities, Mathias Rohe elaborates on first results of the research project “Muslims in Bavaria”, dealing with questions of cooperation, extremism and prevention, Islamic religious education and...