Associated Members

The associate members – usually employed in other German and international universities and research institutions, or in the economy – complement and enhance the expertise of EZIRE. They accompany and enrich the work of EZIRE through guest lectures, as a lecturer, as an internal peer reviewer, or by connecting the EZIRE in their scientific networks.

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Religion and Theology, Beliefs and Practices, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Work focuses: Islam in the Netherlands and in Western Europe, Imams and Mosques, Religion and Development, Islamic Theology, Muslim-Christian Relations, Religion and Development, Islam in Indonesia


Political Scientist with focus on the politics of religion

Work focus: Integration and migration research, Turkey, Politics of Religion, terrorism (religious and secular)


EZIRE Profile

Anthropologist, Islamic and Political Scientist

Work focus:

Islamic authority, Islamic education, religion in everyday life, religion and migration, bureaucracy, transnationalism, visual anthropology, racism / extremism, methods of social anthropology, engaged / applied anthropology