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The FAU Research Centre for Islam and Law in Europe (FAU EZIRE) conducts research and teaching on Islam and Muslim life in Europe from a multidisciplinary perspective. In addition to research and teaching, the FAU EZIRE offers services such as further training as well as advice, expertise and expert opinions. As an FAU research centre, FAU EZIRE is closely linked to the overarching research priorities of FAU.

Shisha bars, gangsta rap and martial arts. FAU EZIRE member Dr. Hatem Elliesie and his team are researching certain milieus and scenes that are thought to be associated with extended Arab families. It is important to him and his team to examine the respective scenes on the ground, regardless of clichés and stereotypes. Such exciting research topics are one of the characteristics of the FAU research landscape. Hatem Elliesie's work is supported by FAUNext, where researchers at FAU receive targeted support on their career path.

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Is the use of violence legitimized by Islamic Law? Is the Koran calling for the murder of non-believers? And what is the “Islamization of the Occident” all about? These are the questions that Mathias Rohe, founding director of the EZIRE, is concerned with in a new Focus series. In “Faktencheck Islam...

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In their latest publication, Isabella Schwaderer and EZIRE member Gerdien Jonker look at the religious relationship between Germany and India. Religion as a form of cultural expression constitutes a critical element in the relationship between Germany and India. The discovery of Indian traditions in Germany and re-interpretations of those traditions in India fueled not only new theological and philosophical explorations, but also extensive innovations in the fields of music, dance, bodily experience, and political intervention.

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In his new article Hüseyin Cicek writes about "René Girard's Mimetic Theory and Its Value in Understanding Sura Maryam: A Mimetic Analysis of Mythical, Biblical, and Apocryphal Transformations" in the academic journal Religions.

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