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The Erlangen Centre for Islam and Law in Europe (EZIRE) conducts research and teaching about Islam and Muslim life in Europe from a multidisciplinary perspective. In addition to research and teaching, EZIRE also offers services such as trainings, consulting, expertise and expert opinions.

On the occasion of her master's thesis being awarded the Christoph Schumann Memorial Prize from the Faculty of Philosophy at FAU, the new EZIRE employee gave an interview about her research on Muslim life in rural areas in the context of immigration. Theresia Leis is one of several new members of th...

On 28 January 2012, a joint online event of the Islam Advice in Bavaria (Islamberatung in Bayern) and the Erlanger Center for Islam and Law in Europe (EZIRE) took place. At the Islamberatung in Bayern, a hospital received a request for advice for a patient order for Muslims. Although there are sp...

With reference to the Catholic News Agency (KNA), the news portals and published on December 14th. an assessment by Prof. Dr. Mathias Rohe, Islamic scholar and lawyer at FAU, and founding rector of EZIRE, on the influence of Sharia law in Germany.