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Back in the spring of this year, the Bundestag debated a motion submitted by the CDU/CSU parliamentary group entitled "Finanzierung des Politischen Islamismus in Deutschland offenlegen und unterbinden" ("Disclosing and Stopping the Financing of Political Islamism in Germany") (20/1012).

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What are the schloars working in social sciences and humanities doing in times of Corona? Usually they work in libraries and archives or meet people for research interviews. In the case of the EZIRE, visits to mosques or associations are part of the daily work, as are presentations and seminars beyo...

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The series aims to bring more attention to different aspects of the Turkish community in the Austrian federal state. Many things were unknown and little differentiation had been practiced when reporting about the Turkish diaspora living in Austria. A defecit, which the VN and the EZIRE research associate wanted to catch up on.

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In the following winterterm, the scientific researchers at EZIRE once again offer a variety of courses that can be visited by students of the MA program Middle Eastern studies or as guest students. Dr. Jörn Thielmann, Alexander Braig und Stephanie Müssig take on the Introduction to Middle Eastern...