Migration and Homeland Law – Contributions by Hatem Elliesie and Mathias Rohe

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In 2019, the annual conference of the Society for Arab and Islamic Law on the topic of “Migration and Homeland Law: Challenges of Muslim Immigration to Germany” took place at the Georg-August University in Göttingen, including contributions by Hatem Elliesie and Mathias Rohe. Now, the lectures have been compiled in a collection, edited by Irene Schneider, Hatem Elliesie, and Silvia Tellenbach.

The contributions of the editorial volume deal with both the handling of legal issues and problems faced by migrants in the German criminal justice system, as well as the legal situation and social conditions in their home countries. In one essay, Hatem Elliesie examines the relationship between legal research and practice and extrajudicial conflict resolution, known as parallel justice, among Middle Eastern population groups. In another essay, he collaborates with Peter Scholz to investigate the criminal prosecution of crime in the Arabic-migrant milieu in Berlin. Mathias Rohe follows up on this by examining Islamic family law, family conflicts, and parallel justice in his contribution.