A commentary by Hüseyin I. Çiçek on the Turkish president’s lack of foresight in the Corona crisis

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foto: ap/lefteris pitarakis

In his commentary on May 14 in the Vienna-based newspaper Der Standard Hüseyin I. Çiçek, political scientist and associated EZIRE-member, elaborates on the possible impact of the Corona Crisis on the governing style of the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

According to Çiçek the political mistakes while dealing with Covid-19 on behalf of the president let assume, that he might see himself forced to aggravate his authoritarian governing style. Since the consitutional Referendum on April 16 2017, Erdoğan was orientating the henceforth presidential System increasingly towards his own person. Consequently, also political missfortunes were being perceived first and foremost in connection with his person.

Çiçek assumes, that Erdoğan’s lack of political foresight may lead to an increased use of authoritarian means in critical situations, in order do veil his own inability to react in an appropriate way.