Announcement of a Lecture Series: Bavarian Orient Colloquium

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Source: Institut für Orientalistik, Universität Bamberg

In the summer term of 2017, the Bavarian Orient Colloquium on the topic of „Cultivated Landscapes of Southeast Anatolia and Mesopotamia: Local and Transnational Perspectives“ takes place at the University of Bamberg. Speakers from Germany and abroad will present their topics – e. g. Islamic architecture in the Jariza or Iraqi horror literature. The lectures take place on some Thursdays throughout the semester, starting at 6pm at lecture hall 01.22, at the University 5, in Bamberg.

The Bavarian Orient Colloquium (called BOK) is a joint lecture series of the universities Erlangen-Nuremberg and Bamberg. The EZIRE participates in the organization of the BOK. In winter terms, the BOK takes place at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, and during the summer terms, it is held at the University of Bamberg. The BOK has existed since 1985 and is funded since 1989 by the Bavarian State Ministry of Sciences, Research and Arts.