New Publication: New Approaches to Human Dignity in the Context of Qur’anic Anthropology

open book lying on a table

This new anthology by Hüseyin Çiçek, scientific researcher at EZIRE, and Rüdiger Braun, presents approaches to Islamic theological anthropology with a focus on the narrative of Adam and Iblis, which has found its way into all monotheistic traditions. One main emphasis of the book lies in uncovering the specific “grammars” of anthropological narratives in Quran as well as in its interpretations that focus on its performative discourse. The normative implications of the human images, as they are derieved from the Quran and its interpretations, are also discussed in the publication. This book shows the dynamic interactions between the hermeneutics of the Quran, theological anthropology and legal philosophy in the european context and helps to get a deeper insight into the multiperspectivity and indexicality of theological anthropology.