Workshop of the pilot project “Perspektive Beruf für Asylbewerber und Flüchtlinge”

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Photo: Stiftung Bildungspakt Bayern

All participants of the 4th workshop on June 16 and 17, 2016, had the option to discuss relevant topics, such as Islam, communication of values and radicalization, with Jörn Thielmann, managing director of EZIRE.

The objective is to develop the teaching in professional integrated classes at vocational schools in Bavaria.The focus of the pilot project is on the development, test and multiplication of effective concepts and instruments for the teaching and promotion of young asylum seekers and refugees in professional integrated classes aiming at an optimal preparation of pupils for a vocational education or another subsequent training pathway. For this reason, school teachers and principals of the participating schools met and developed recommendations in working groups for the work in professional integrated classes.