Study: Parallel Justice

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Study by Mathias Rohe and Mahmoud Jaraba on behalf of the State of Berlin, represented by the Senatsverwaltung für Justiz und Verbraucherschutz [Senate Department for Justice and Consumer Protection].

On December 9 2015, Senator of Justice Thomas Heilmann together with Prof. Dr. Mathias Rohe from Erlangen Center for Islam and Law in Europe presented a study on the phenomenon of “Parallel Justice” conducted on behalf of the Senate Department for Justice and Consumer Protection. Parallel Justice – particularly in contrast to, for example, Mediation, arbitration and conciliation procedures – are forms of extrajudicial settlement, in which German Legal Standards are violated, undermined, or thwarted. “So far, we have so hardly any empirically reliable findings on the topic Parallel Justice, so I’m glad that Professor Rohe has closed an important gap in this study. If we want to stop unlawful or illegal parallel structures, we do have to know about which phenomena are we talking about and how can we help those who are being suppressed because of it”, said Thomas Heilmann. The scientists focused therefore on a total of 93 detailed interviews with different persons concerned. The findings draw a wide range of manifestations of Parallel Justice in Berlin , but also shows ways on how to deal with it… the complete article on

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