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On 28 January 2012, a joint online event of the Islam Advice in Bavaria (Islamberatung in Bayern) and the Erlanger Center for Islam and Law in Europe (EZIRE) took place. At the Islamberatung in Bayern, a hospital received a request for advice for a patient order for Muslims. Although there are sp...

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From November 2020 a new DFG-Project, for researching mosque archives in Germany using the Example of the Ahmadiyya-Lahore Archive in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, overseen by Dr. Gerdien Jonker, will be launched. The projects aims to find out how mosque archives as historical sources enrich our knowledge ...

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To avoid misunderstandings or, better, to not even let them emerge - this is the goal of the newly launched and so far unique Islam consultancy in Bavaria. The consultancy is based at the Eugen-Biser-Foundation in Munich and also receives support from the Robert Bosch Foundation. Researchers from the Erlangen Center for Islam and Law in Europe EZIRE accompany the project scientifically.