“The German Quranic literature” – an overview by Serdar Aslan

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EZIRE warmly congratulates Serdar Aslan on his PhD thesis, which has now been under the title “Die deutsche Koranliteratur. Biographie and Bibliographie” (The German Quranic literature. Biography and bibliography).

Over several years, Serdar Aslan drew up a canon of German-language Quranic literature, which might provide a helpful basis for researchers in all disciplines dealing with a related subject. Aslan provides an informed overview of the reception and research history of the German Quranic literature and draws attention to a variety of underrepresented topics.

In an interview (in German) with IslamiQ back in late 2020, he spoke about the motivation and content of his work. In the interview, Serdar Aslan stated that relevant literature, especially in more recent works, was sometimes no longer considered, as even scholars had lost track of the existing literature. His PhD thesis should therefore be seen primarily as a contribution to improving the conditions for research.