The Deutsche Orientalistentag (DOT) is the largest professional meeting of Oriental Studies in Germany and one of the most important scholarly Orientalist congresses in the world. The range of disciplines encompasses the Ancient and Modern Middle East, including North Africa, as well as all of Asia, with particular emphasis on Central, South and South East Asia. The abstracts for the congress in Jena can be submitted until 31st March 2017.

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At the founding event of the Munich "Council of Religions" on July 13, 2016, Mathias Rohe, Director of EZIRE, spoke in his testimonial lecture about how the cohabitation of religions can succeed. He appealed to maintain openness. "The unpleasant truth is that all religions have potential for violenc...

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How can religious people act out their beliefs at a German University? In how far can – and should –this ideologically and religiously neutral institution support its students and employees in their free exercise of religion? Apart from others, this question was discussed by Professors of different ...

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