Event Invitation: Munich Science Days

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Quelle: Münchner Wissenschaftstage e.V./Maren Willkomm

From the 25th until the 28th of November 2017, the 17th Munich Science Days will take place at the Theresienhöhe in Munich. Based on theme “Plans for the future: Research, Society, Hamas”, more than 300 scientists will present their research topics to the public. The EZIRE also participates:

On Saturday, 25th of November from 12.30 until 2pm, Dr. Jörn Thielmann, executive head of EZIRE, will present the Workshop “Danger online: Salafists and the Internet” in the Bavariasaal. First, he will give an introductory speech on the history and structure of Salafism in Germany. Afterwards, parts of videos from well-known Salafi preachers will be shown with commentary and classification. The target group of the workshop are classified teachers, however, anybody interested may join.

On Sunday, 26th of November at 11.30am, EZIRE-director Dr. Mathias Rohe will give a talk in the Alte Kongresshalle on Islam in Germany. Anybody interested is cordially invited.

More information on the location of the Science days as well as the complete program can be found here.