Lecture Invitation: Islam in Election Campaigns

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Source: Centre for Euro-Oriental Studies FAU

The Centre for Euro-Oriental Studies (CEOS), cooperation partner of the EZIRE, kindly invites you to join the discussion meeting on: „Islam im Wahlkampf (Islam in Election Campaigns)“ on Friday, 23/06/2017, from 6.15 to 7.45 pm. The lecture will take place in the small auditorium, Bismarckstr. 1a, Erlangen.

At the lecture, three renowned scientists of the FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg will discuss the role of Islam in the election campaign for the German Parliament in September from different perspectives.


Prof. Dr. Tarik Badawia
(Chair of Islamic-Religious Studies with Pedagogic focus)
Prof. Dr. Lutz Edzard
(Chair of Arabic and Semitic Studies)
Prof. Dr. iur. Mathias Rohe
(Chair of Civil Law, International Private Law and Comparative Law, Director of the Erlangen Center for Islam and Law in Europe)

Greetings and Introduction: Prof. Dr. Georges Tamer, spokesman of the CEOS.

The lecture will be moderated by  Alexander Jungkunz, chief editor of the newspaper Nürnberger Nachrichten.

The invitation flyer can be found here.