Islamic religious education in Hesse: Prof. Rohe about the cooperation with DİTİB

Image: dpa / Oliver Berg

At the end of April 2020, it was announced that the Hessian state government would cancel the cooperation with DİTİB regarding the Islamic religious education in schools. Based on available reports, “the doubts about the necessary criteria by Ditib Hesse could not be eliminated to the necessary degree”, says Minister of Education Lorz. ( See news report DIE ZEIT, 28.04.2020)

In October 2019, EZIRE-Director Mathias Rohe updated the report he had first written in 2017 for the Hessian state government. Therein he repeats his assessment of the situation: there was no reliable data regarding political influence of the Islamic religious education is Hessia, the abstract possibility of political influence, however, had increased.

The entire report has been published by the Ministry of Education and the Arts and can be viewed here.