For years, Arab-Turkish extended families have been at the centre of political and media debates. The families are often described as "criminal clans". Dr Mahmoud Jaraba has been researching the topic for several years. In a new expertise for Mediendienst Integration, he examines how the structures of extended families have developed and in which structural contexts crime takes place.

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In an interview with Deutschlandfunk Kultur (in German), Dr Ertuğrul Şahin of the Heidelberg Center for Cultural Heritage and associate in the EZIRE collaborative project WECHSELWIRKUNGEN draws attention to the role of mosque archives as agents of cultural, Muslim heritage in Germany.

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EZIRE expresses its sincere thanks to Prof. Thijl Sunier for the long cooperation and looks forward to continuing to benefit from his excellent expertise on Islam in European societies, especially the formation of religious authority.

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Back in the spring of this year, the Bundestag debated a motion submitted by the CDU/CSU parliamentary group entitled "Finanzierung des Politischen Islamismus in Deutschland offenlegen und unterbinden" ("Disclosing and Stopping the Financing of Political Islamism in Germany") (20/1012).

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