Mathias Rohe at a conference of the police in Dortmund about “Diversity in Democracy”

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Foto: dpa/Michael Kappeler (RP Online)

On 28.11. Prof. Dr. Mathias Rohe, legal scholar, Islamic scientist at the FAU, as well as founding rector of  EZIRE, took part in a conference hosted by the police in Dortmund and the Multicultural Forum about the topic  “Diversity in Democracy”. In doing so the preconditions of coexistence in diversity had been discussed.

In his input lecture Rohe emphasized, that it would be disproportionally discussed, if the Islam was compatible with the German Basic Law. According to him, it was not the religion that needs to be comaptible with the basic law, it was the behaviour of the believers – and this was the case with the striking majority of Muslims in Germany. “Most people do not have a problem with Ali and Fatima, but many people perceive “the Islam” as a threat”, this is what needs to be worked on.