Conference Invitation: “End(s) of Time(s)”

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Source: FAU

The conference “End(s) of Time(s)“, hosted by the IKGF Erlangen in cooperation with EZIRE, takes place from 11 December until 13 December 2017 in the seminar room of building D in the Hartmannstr. 14 in Erlangen. Scholars from different disciplines will discuss concepts of last judgements and salvation in crosscultural perspective.Talks will start on Monday, 11 December at 6.15pm. On the following days, talks will start at 9.30am.

On Wednesday, 13 December, Dr. Jörn Thielmann, executive director of EZIRE, will give a talk in the panel “The End of Times and Modernity”. The topic is:
„The Final Struggle – The „Islamic State“ and the Enacting of the End of Time“

In an interview with, Dr. Thielmann presents some of the core points of his talk. Asked about apocalyptic imaginations in Islam in general, islamic scholar Thielmann replies: “For Islam, it holds true that the idea of a last judgement was present from the beginning. Soon after, a teaching of the Last Things, an eschatology, developed. Up until today, this teaching provides components and symbols to interpret the signs of the respective epoch and to act accordingly”. According to Thielmann, however, the so-called Islamic State does not represent a certain cult of death. Instead, the group interpreted the situation of Muslims in the Middle East and the world as the battle between Good and Evil, which was to take place at the end of times, Thielmann said.

Everybody interested in participating in the conference is cordially invited. Early registrations are prefered but not required. Entry is free. For more information on the event, please see here.