New Study: Islam in Liechtenstein

Front page of the Study "Islam in Liechtenstein"
Source: Liechtenstein Institut, Bendern

How many Muslims live in the Principality of Liechtenstein – and since when? What does their religious daily life look like? And what challenges do they face?

The new study Islam in Liechtenstein, compiled by Hüseyin İ. Çiçek, scientific researcher at EZIRE, in cooperation with the Liechtenstein Institute, addresses these questions among others. The study is based on the sighting of national and international research literature, on the evaluation of statistical data and poll results as well as on interviews with Muslim representatives, youth workers and authorities. The main focus of the publication are the demographic development, the Muslim daily routines in Liechtenstein as well as possible areas of conflict with Liechtensteins society. Thereby, the study draws a comprehensive picture of Muslim life in Liechtenstein.