EICTP Expert Paper: Great Power Turkey. A critical stocktaking

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The changes in the political and economic constellations in Eurasia, the Middle East, and North Africa made it indispensable to also take a look at Turkey’s role. As the south-eastern flank of the North Atlantic Alliance and at the centre of the Eurasian region – therefore at the intersection of geopolitical regions and as an energy hub between Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia – Turkey played a central role: geopolitically as well as geostrategically.

It is precisely this role that the study project analyzed. The results were presented and published in Bonn in April 2021 under the title: “Great Power Turkey? A Critical Stocktaking”. Lead by EICTP’s cooperation partner Prof. Ulrich Schlie from the University of Bonn (CASSIS), the publication examines the recent political and social conflicts in the Mediterranean region and the role of President Erdogan and Turkey in general. In addition, it discusses the impact of Turkish foreign policy in the Middle East and Turkey’s role within NATO.

Hüseyin Çiçek, associated member at EZIRE, contributed a chapter.

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