Mathias Rohe on approaches to prevention and de-radicalisation in the Islamist context

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Foto: dpa/Michael Kappeler (RP Online)

In the current digital edition of the ZWD political magazine, Mathias Rohe, law professor and Islamic scientist at the Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg and founding rector of the EZIRE, takes a stand on questions in dealing with radical Islamist teachings. In order to address the manifold causes of Islamist radicalization, a substantive examination of Islamist ideologies must also take place. In this way, convincing counter-arguments can provide alternatives to the radical interpretations of the Islamic doctrine of faith.

Experienced and reflected life of faith in everyday life can replace religious fear and arrogance pedagogy – the possibility of reflected self-positioning should be more attractive than the seemingly simple, intellectually underexposed truth messages of the radicals