Berlin city talks marked by Corona Virus

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On  April 21 2020, after a consultation at the Oettingers’ grave – see her book ‘Etwas hoffen muss das Herz’. Eine Familiengeschichte von Juden, Christen und Muslimen (Göttingen: Wallstein, 2018) – Gerdien Jonker’s “Berlin Walks marked by the Corona Virus” came to an end. After the relaxation in Berlin yet another supplement on Thursday, April 24, with impressions from the street and the reconquest of the urban space.

Since April 25 2020, each Monday and Thursday, something new from the anthropologist’s toolbox: talking to people, taking notes on what they’re saying, what they’re feeling, how they look at their situation and arrange their world.

Here you can find the first “Berlin City talks marked by Corona Virus“, which Gerdien Jonker conducted and documented –  perspectives from very different people, just like our world.