Hüseyin Çiçek: By signing the “Additional Protocol” to the Memorandum of Sotschi Erdoğan has given up his plans and strategies

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Quelle: ErikaWittlieb / Pixabay

In his guest commentary in the Austrian newspaper  Der Standard from March 10, the political scientist and associated EZIRE member Hüseyin Çiçek wrote about the armistice agreement between the conflicting parties in the Syrian province Idlib. According to him this agreement was leading to a “diplomatic and political defeat of president Erdoğan and the AKP”. Since Turkey agreed to withdraw six kilometers each north and south from the strategically important highway M 4 together with its allied jihadist militias. This withdrawal was enabling the Syrian regime and his Russian ally to use the important traffic route for its own interests.

Furthermore Çiçek elaborates, that the ceasefire might benefit president Erdoğan domestically. Since by withdrawing the Turkish troops from the war zone and cutting the connections to the rebels, the opposition will be deprived of the possibility to use the mounting body count to discredit his person and his policies.

Finally he states, that due to the forseeable loss of significance the Turkish government would be well advised to seek a rapprochement and settlement with the EU.