Mathias Rohe: Muslims are reduced to their religious affiliation and are politically underrepresented in Germany

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Bild: Panthermedia/Ginkgo

On occassion of the nomination of the Muslim candidate Ozan Iybias by the conservative party CSU (Christian-Social Union) for the mayor elections in Neufahrn, Bavaria, Professor Mathias Rohe, legal scholar and Islamic Scientist at the FAU, a swell as founding rector of the EZIRE, spoke out in an online article on January 18 by BR24.

According to Rohe, Muslims in Germany were, in spite of the positive example from Neufahrn, still underrepresented in politics. This was very harmful for democracy and the rule of law: “Democracy and the rule of law were subsisting on the fact, that they were accepted as a basic system. And if we lose considerable parts of the population, according to the motto, we do not feel represented, thus the whole model will be in danger.” Therefore he pleads the parties, to open themselves “proactively” for people of any believe and worldview in Germany.