Hüseyin Çiçek in the Vorarlberger Nachrichten: Little ABC on Islam

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There is a lot of talk and debate about “Islam”, but Islam as such does not exist – as in Christianity there are many differences in the Islamic religion. Together with the political scientist and religious politician Hüseyin I. Çiçek, the Vorarlberger Nachrichten has put together a small ABC on Islam in order to be able to speak more clearly about Islam. Islamic movements and groups whose origins are to be found in Islamic countries will be presented, organizations and Islamic sources of text will be explained.


The discussed terminology can be found under the following links (in German):

The movement “Ahmadiya”:  Eine sunnitische Reformbewegung (12.12.18)

The “Sunnis” and “Shiits”: Zwei konkurrierende Glaubenslehren (18.12.18)

The movement of “alawites” and “alevites”: Ein großer Unterschied (21.12.18): Die Bewegungen der „Alawiten“ und der „Aleviten“

„Sure“, „Mahdi“ and „Wahhabites“: Was ist eine Sure? Und wer sind Wahhabiten? (27.12.18)

The sources „Sunna“, „Salafiya“ and „Hadith“: Die Quellen des Islam (28.12.18)

The “Nurcu Cemaati” and the “Fethullah Gülen”: Ein Prediger und seine Bewegung (04.01.19)

The “Diyanet”:  Die türkische Religionsbehörde (07.01.19)