Isolated Ditib announces new start: Jörn Thielmann in the Aachener Nachrichten

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Foto: dpa/Rainer Jensen (Quelle: Aachener Nachrichten)

In the article “Skepticism and cautionary words: Isolated Ditib announces new start”, which was published in the Aachener Nachrichten January 11, Jörn Thielmann, Managing Director of the Erlangen Center for Islam and Law in Europe, comments on the desired restart of the controversial Ditib, the largest Islam organization in Germany.

The Ditib had the insight that she had to move, because her once privileged position is lying somewhere in the past, Thielmann says. Also the patience of other Islamic federations with Ditib obviously comes to an end. If the Ditib Central Association was serious about a new start, it would have to change the statutes at all levels. In these statutes, access and control options of the Diyanet and the Turkish government are firmly anchored. A statement and the election of a board is not a step for a fresh start. Even the opposite of a detachment from Ankara suggests itself.

One result of the recent Cologne Islamic Conference is the establishment of a committee at Diyanet, which now organizes a meeting of European Muslims every two years. Using the Ditib in Cologne, the Diyanet tries to get on pan-European floor, if possible also reaching non-Turkish Muslims, according to Thielmann. The Cologne conference also advocates a closing paper against a mosque tax and opposes “German Islam” and “European Islam”.