New publication by Jörn Thielmann: “Exploring the Multitude of Muslims in Europe”

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03-12-2018: Jörn Thielmann, Niels Valdemar Vinding and Egdunas Racius published the 27th volume of the Series “Muslim Minorities” by BRILL.

In “Exploring the Multitude of Muslims in Europe“, a number of authors reflect the work Islamic scholar and head of the scientific advisory board of EZIRE, Jørgen S. Nielsen has contributed to the study of Islam and Muslims in Europe. Their articles move through conceptualisations, productions and explorations of the multitudes of Muslims in Europe and Jørgen S. Nielsen’s work on the history and challenges of the Muslim community in Europe, critical thinking, ethnicities and theologies of Muslims in Europe. Also his works on Muslim minorities, Muslim-Christian relations and on Islamic legal challenges in Europe are echoed within the publication, as in the article of Mathias Rohe, director of EZIRE, who is discussing alternative concepts of conflict resolution and the phenomenon of parallel justice in Germany.