Preview: Publication on Migration Movements in the Mid Alpine Region

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The authors of the books show the immense importance of all kinds of migration for the central Alpine region in the last 300 years, contradicting the fixed self-image of a supposedly settled community. The variety of migration is surprising and doesn’t stop with the well-known Bündner Zuckerbäcker (confectioners from Bünden), Montafoner Krauthobler (herb planners from Montafon) or Italian construction workers. Today, the question is not if, but rather to what extent the observation of migration changes our approach of history. What will change, if we acknowledge that history is not only the history of class struggle, but also one of migration?

Hüseyin I. Çiçeks book contribution “Turkish Migration to the Mid Alpine Region in the context of individual societal experiences”, part of the Reader “Migration in Voralberg, Liechtenstein and Eastern Switzerland between 1700 and 2000”, published by Peter Melichar et al., will be published in October 2016.