Imitation and Terrorism

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The authors of the book follow René Girard throughout European history, fill out some of his sketches, throw light on some mysterious parts and mark inconsequences in the unfolding of his approach.  When read critically, Girards “Battling to the end” will contribute to a better understanding of younger European history and of the dangerous crises that we face today.

The contribution by Hüseyin I. Çiçek tests Girards work with regard to violence, war and terrorism by States as well as non-state actors. He shows how Girards concept of fundamental anthropology contributes to explaining terrorist activities by states and states that religions should not hastily be hold accountable for terrorism.

Publication by Hüseyin I. Çiçek, in: Wilhelm Guggenberger und Wolfgang Palaver (Eds.): Eskalation zum Äußersten?, p. 317-333.