Abdulsalam Al-Rubaidi

Personal details

2013- Editor in Chief and Research Analyst in the Framework of the Volkswagen Foundation funded project “Framing the Yemeni Revolution”, Yemen Polling Centre, Sana’a, in cooperation with the University of Bonn, Germany
2011-2012 Doctoral preparatory year, Sana’a University
Arabic Studies: Semitic philology, modern linguistics, narrative discourse, traditional and modern Arabic literature, literary and cultural theory
2011 Exchange program at the seminar of Oriental and Islamic studies, Ruhr University, Bochum, Germany
2009-2012 Full-time lecturer at Sana’a University, Department of Arabic studies, Yemen
2006-2009 M.A in Modern Arabic Literature, Sana’a University, Yemen
2005-2007 Part-time lecturer at the University of Science and Technology, Department of Arabic, Sana’a, Yemen
since 2005 Ph.D. Student at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen(FAU)
2005-2006 Diploma in higher Arabic studies, Sana’a University, Yemen – Linguistics and literary studies
2000-2004 B.A. in Arabic studies, Sana’a University, Sana’a, Yemen, and B.A in English language and literature, Yameniah University, Sana’a- Yemen

Research profile

  • Arabic Language
  • Modern Arabic Literature
  • Semiotics and discourse analysis theories
  • Quranic studies
  • Islamic Mysticism and Theology


Identity and Historical Consciousness in the Contemporary Yemeni Novel

This thesis is an analytical study of six contemporary Yemeni novels. These novels share some common background: They have been written within the last decade 2005-2015, they make ‘the past’ the background of their narrative, and they concentrate on communal or collective identities in Yemen. The choice of the six novels from the bulk of the novels produced in Yemen during the last decade is based on the premise that these novels offer a sufficient scope for analysis more than others. More specifically, each of the six chosen novels is built around several themes or motifs implicating human experiences and attitudes that have to do with the main widely debated identity issues in Yemen. These issues revolve around three main frames of identification in the country: territoriality or regionalism, religious affiliations and ethnic belonging. Though the study focuses in its four chapters on six novels, it makes, throughout its analytical line, frequent references to other Yemeni novels where necessary and relevant. Moreover, depending on previous studies in the area, an historical overview of the Yemeni novel is provided in the first chapter. The purpose of that is to help the reader to position the six novels within their historical context both as part of the novelistic production in Yemen which dates back to 1927 and as part of the cultural movement in the country and the Arab world.

The textual analysis in this thesis will be formed within two levels: on the first level of it, I will, firstly, investigate the habitus of the characters. In concrete, their individual articulations that signal to their individual identities (their image of self and their perception of world) will be brought into light. Secondly, a possible picture of a certain reflexive or collectivized identities is it regional, religious or ethnic will be drawn and discussed.

On the second level of this analysis, the fictional world in the six novels will be looked at in the light of its situatedness in the real Yemeni social settings. To achieve that, an intertextual practice will go along with the main line of the critical analysis. This concurrent intertextual investigation is required in this context as the researched literary texts are in dialogue with and positioned within an ethnographic space (Yemen) where the question of identity- self-identification through belonging and difference- is at issue especially in this far-reaching transitional period of the modern history of Yemen. By situating the novels in their historical contexts, the historical consciousness behind their creation will be brought up as it manifested itself by the act of reading.




  • “The absent text in modern Arabic poetry” – first edition, Dar al-Gaidah, Amman, Jordan, 2012.
  • “Post-2011 Yemen: Studies in Social and Political Movements” – (Eidor) Yemen Polling Center, to come out in 2017.
  • “Sufism and Islamic Theology in Yemen: Translated Essays” – Translation from English into Arabic with introduction and comments. Under Publication.

Studies, Articles & Reviews

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Poetic Writings

  • Poems published in Ghaiman Magazine, Al-Thawrah Newspaper, 26th Sep. Newspaper and al-Gomohwriah Newspaper, 2005-2009.
  • Poems published in Al-Kateb Al-Arabi Magazine, Cairo, 2008.

Lectures and conference contributions


  • EZIRE-Colloquium Summer Semester 2016: Lecture „Negotiating Identities in the Contemporary Yemeni Novel“ (1st June 2016)


  • Deutscher Orientalistentag/DAVO-Conference: Friedrich-Schiller University Jena, 18.-22th September 2017. Lecture within Panel 29: “Changes in the Arab World: The interplay of the local, regional and national level” (Prof. Thomas Demmelhuber/Nina Nowar, 19th September 2017): “Negotiating Identities in the Contemporary Yemeni Novel”

Invited Lectures at international Conferences


  • Lecture “Islamists in Yemen” (in Arabic). With or Without the Brothers. Paris CERI/Sciences Po. Paris, 29.-30th October 2015.


  • Lecture and Text “Concept of Youth in Yemen: Some Remarks”. Talking about my Generation: Concepts of Youth and Generation in Research on the MENA region, five years after 2011. Marburg, 30th November to 1st December 2016.
  • Lecture and Discussion “Paradoxes and Legacies of the Southern Yemeni Left”. Left-Wing Trends in the Arab World (1948-1979): Bringing the Transnational Back in. Beirut. 12-13th December 2016.


  • Lecturer. Enhancing Research on Yemen: Researching and Writing (CARPO Bonn & Gender-Development Research & Studies Center GDRSC of the University Sana’a, Jemen; supported by DAAD) Amman, 12-17th March 2018.